Monday, 9 February 2015


During mathematics this year we will be focusing intensively on one specific area 4 days a week for a period of 2 weeks, resulting in a total of 8 sessions. The other day of the week we will be changing the focus to a different topic which will continue for 4 weeks totalling 4 sessions.

We are looking at Number and Place Value for 8 sessions combined with graphing and data collection for 4 sessions.

Each area begins with a test which then determines the specific learning goals for individual students to focus on.  The students then have to find and complete the activities set for improving their learning goals and attend the appropriate workshops.  

Some of the key focus areas for our 5/6 students in Number and Place Value are listed below:

Applying place value to help solve problems

Count and order numbers beyond the tens of thousands

Efficient mental calculations using number properties

Composite Numbers

Prime Numbers

Square Numbers

Triangular Numbers

Index Notation

Irrational Numbers

Rational Numbers

Workshops will be conducted on all of the above focus areas.

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